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Service Bodies

Largo Tank’s Service Bodies

Not every application calls for a custom utility body. Sometimes the perfect fit is a standard service body.  We represent one of the oldest brands in the US, Rawson Koenig, also known as RKI. They are built in Texas and built to last.

RKI is one of the few body manufacturers to feature a lifetime warranty, and they are the only service body (besides our own!) that we are aware of that will stand the test of time in the oilfield. 

service bodies largo
service bodies largo

We’ve repaired dozens of competitor’s brands that were built for city / on road environments over the years. Many brands hinges crack, Omaha doors fall off, Stahl latches rattle apart.  We’ve seen Knapheide frames crumble, CM welds break and crossmembers pop tires because of inadequate frame clearance, and Reading’s thin sheet metal shears because of the vibration.  In our part of the world, you have to plan for the worst and hope for the best.  Few brands plan for this kind of product torture.

Most RKI bodies are good for two or more remounts, where lesser brands often don’t survive the first 50,000 miles intact.

Many different configurations are available, we would be thrilled to help you get one dialed in for your needs.

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