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Forestry Bodies

Largo Tank’s Forestry Bodies

What sets our beds apart? First – they are made right here from raw materials to finished product.  By controlling every aspect of the manufacturing, painting, and installation process, we guarantee every aspect will be done right. All beds are capable of being built to NFPA 1906 standards and will outlast multiple trucks.

Our design and build team consists of multiple active and retired firefighters, making sure you get equipment that works the way it should and won’t let you down in the field.


forestry truck
type 2 fire

Type 2 / Tender / Tankers

Our roots in the tank building business go deep – we can trace our company’s roots back to the 1930’s.  Tactical water supply trucks for off road applications are right up our alley.  We build Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum tanks with pumps capable of 500-1500 GPM, depending on your agency’s needs.  Compartmentation and tool layout are also the result of years of experience and the integration of modern fire fighting techniques.


Type 3 / Wildland Engine / Urban Interface

Our Type 3 unit features one of the lightest Aluminum bodies available in its class and is capable of being mounted on a Class 5 19,500 lb chassis (an F550).   A 500 GPM Rotary Darley pump is integrated into the fuel system of the truck, along with 400+ gallons of water and 15 gallons of Class A in a lightweight UPF tank.

Baskets, storage, insulated drinking water and ice tray, and tons of off road friendly features make this a forestry workhorse.  It also works well for urban interface where water supply is readily available.

After a full load out of tools, water, and personnel, the truck still has remaining weight capacity.  This combination of weight, off road prowess due to the shorter chassis length, and HD construction features will make this a great asset for your department.

toy hauler
type 2 fire
type 2 fire

Type 6 / Brush Trucks

The Type 6 program here at Largo Tank has been tremendously successful.  Our trucks are in service across nearly the entire country, and have fought fires of every size over the last thirty years. We began building units back in the 1980’s after being frustrated with the poor build quality and lack of offroad capability that we were seeing in existing rigs.

Our local area is one of the most brutal offroad environments, hosting national four wheel drive Jeep competitions on a regular basis, (from Farmington and Durango to Moab) and brush trucks just did not survive.  Many of the beds we built in the 80’s are still in service, a testament to their build quality.

We worked closely with the BIA Model 52 program to develop the national standard, currently available to all governmental agencies.

Our Type 6’s/Brush Trucks have dozens of unique standard features, including integrated handrails, grip step bumpers, drains for servicing the pump engine, and integrated draft hose tubes.  All components are sourced from the US, and we use top end components from Hannay Reel, UPF, RC industries, Foam Pro, Waterax, etc.


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