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Propane Bobtail

From complete builds to remounts, our shop has the experience and credentials to get your bobtail or transport (MC 331) working. 

Largo Tank’s New Bobtails

For new bobtails, we will work with you to spec the right truck, and completely build the unit out to fit your needs.   In addition to traditional setups, we can add electronic registers, radio remote shutoffs with pump and reel controls. Our straightforward, easy to operate designs are also built to hold up, including SS decks, sealed harnesses, engineered bumpers and mounting systems.

propane bobtail truck
standalone propane pump

Names you can Trust

We are a dealer for many of the top names in the industry, including Hannay Reels, Rego, Fisher, Base Engineering, LC Controls, Marshall Excelsior, Corken, Blackmer, Muncie, Chelsea and others.

Largo also serves a 400 mile radius with our mobile 100 gallon propane prover, and our NM LP5 license also allows us to professionally install propane piping on bobtails and transports.